Kebab King 4+4 Gas Pizza Oven

Fits 4 x 13” pizzas (4 x 12” in pans) on each deckTwin decks make good use of space, taking up less room than a traditional single deck gas oven The baking floor is made out of a refractory stone and is suitable for baking with or without pansTemperature is controlled by a high-quality thermostat with a range of 0-400°C and is displayed by a thermometer on the control panel

Built to a high standard the doors and fascia are made from stainless steel for long-lasting good looks and the baking chamber is also made entirely from steel

High-quality stainless steel burners ensure high performance and long life, as well as the excellent economy

The Kebab King gas oven can run on natural or LPG gas

Removable feet mean a reduced height of 79cm to fit through a standard door during delivery

  • STAND IS £349 + VAT


£2,375.00 + vat

Product Description

Model Decks Capacity Temp °c Power External Dimensions Weight
Kebab King 4+4 2 8 x 12″ in pans 0-400°c 15.5kW (52,888 BTU) 1130 x 1030 x 930mm 186kg