Desi Dishwasher 540 plates/hour 500mm Basket Rinse Aid Pump 380V

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Heavy duty commercial dishwasher perfect for small and medium pub, bar, café, hotel or restaurant establishments. 2 baskets included!


  • Body supporting frame, panelling and built in booster heater made of stainless steel.
  • Automatic filling of wash tank and constant water level control.
  • Wash and rinse temperatures automatically and constantly controlled by two independent thermostats for perfect wash and rinse action.
  • Electrical components and cabling complying with international standards and security regulations.
  • All components may be easily reached and inspected for quick and efficient servicing.
  • Full automatic wash cycle at 55 °C with a program cycle of 2 minutes.
  • Hot water rinse cycle at 80 – 85 °C.
  • Door safety switch.
  • Rinse aid dispenser.
  • For professional catering use.
  • 380V / 3 Phase


£875.00 + vat

Product Description

Water pressure (inlet) 2-4 bar 45-50 °C
Production 1500 glasses/hour
Production (plates) 500-540 plates/hour
Production (theoretic) 30 baskets/hour
Included 1 plate basket (18 compartments | 500x500mm), 1 cup basket (500x500mm)
Dimensions / Weight
Width 590mm
Depth 600mm
Height 810mm
Weight 67kg
Height (inner) 310mm
Basket Size 500x500mm
Power supply
Power supply 380V / 3 phase
Power 5000W
Power (wash pump) 750W
Power (boiler) 4500W
Power (tank) 2500W
Temperature (washing) +50-55 °C
Temperature (rinsing) +85 °C
Programs 1
Volume (wash tank) 29 litres
Washing cycles 120 seconds
Rinse aid dispenser Yes
Rinse function Hot water
Volume (rinse tank) 7 litres
Water consumption (rinsing) 4.5 litres
Warranty 12 mth spare parts warranty