Commercial Automatic Rotating Seekh Kebab Conveyor Charcoal Grill


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The automatic rotating seekh kebab conveyor gas lava rocks grill is an upgraded model of a grill specifically designed for cooking seekh kebabs and chicken tikka . It incorporates several features to enhance the grilling process and improve efficiency. Here are some details about this upgraded model:

  1. Automatic Rotating Conveyor: The grill features a conveyor belt system that automatically rotates the seekh kebabs, ensuring even cooking on all sides. This eliminates the need for manual turning and reduces the risk of unevenly cooked kebabs.
  2. Gas Lava rocks: Lava rocks are volcanic rocks that are placed on the grill to distribute heat evenly and provide an authentic charcoal flavour to the kebabs. The upgraded model utilizes a gas-powered system to heat the lava rocks quickly, allowing for faster cooking times.
  3. Temperature Control: The grill incorporates improvements in design, such as adjustable temperature controls to give the user greater control over the cooking process.
  4. Drip Trays and Grease Management: To minimize the mess and ensure easy cleaning, the grill comes equipped with drip trays that collect excess fat and drippings from the kebabs. This helps maintain a cleaner cooking environment.
  5. Durability and Safety: The upgraded model is built with high-quality materials that offer durability and longevity. It also has safety features like heat-resistant handles and flame failure devices fitted to prevent accidents and ensure safe operation.

This grill can also be made in a bespoke size, if you require a made-to-measure size please call us and one of our engineers will be more than happy to talk you through the options.

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Available In Natural Gas or LPG